Programador de Software (Antigua Guatemala)

Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez – Antigua Guatemala Sacatepáquez experiencia 3 años administración informática ingenieria indefinido jornada completa salario 1500 USD mes publicado 30 Abril 2018 As a Lead Programmer you will be responsible for leading dice he a team of programmers to create a successful software product. You will be in charge of setting up and implementing bug tracking, code documentation, programming practices, version control as well as all the other task required to successfully lead a team of programmers. You will also focus on evaluating the performance of the programmers and making sure that they work well together as a team. You will be coordinating with other lead programmers on other parts of the project as well as management. You will also be responsible for making decisions related to project design and architecture. As a lead programmer, you may be required to multi-task and provide leadership for multiple projects at the same time…. – Permanent – Full-time

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